2 New summer beer available!!

1 Yamayama Kurukuru 

Umeboshi Ale -5%ABV

Umeboshi inspired wheat ale made with ripe yellow Ume from our garden, red shiso and salt. Unlike umeboshi the beer is nicely balanced with neither salt, or sourness overpowering, you might be reminded of pink champagne while drinking! The name is the title of an artwork made during our first visit to Kamiyama about Umeboshi.


Belgian Cherry Ale -5.5% ABV

For this special limited single small batch of beer we added almost 20KG of ripe cherries picked from a tree in our back garden, some natsumikan juice and peel from our parents garden in Mie, all organic malt and hops and Belgian abbey yeast. The result is a refreshingly dry, all natural juicy summer ale.